Welcome to Our Menu: A Symphony of Flavors and Choices!

Faves: Your Favorites, Our Bestsellers
Dive into our ‘Faves’ section, where popularity meets delectable taste. Each item here is a star, loved and frequently ordered by our cherished patrons. From savory to sweet, these dishes promise satisfaction and delight at every bite.

Toasties: Quick, Delicious, On-the-Go
Our Toasted Sandwiches are perfect for those bustling days. Ideal for a takeaway or a fulfilling lunch, each sandwich is a harmony of flavors toasted to perfection. Whether it’s a classic ham and cheese or something more adventurous, these sandwiches are sure to brighten your day.

Build Your Own Breakfast: Creativity on Your Plate
Embrace your inner chef with our ‘Build Your Own Breakky’! Start with a base – choose from fresh bread, hearty oats, fluffy waffles, or a crisp salad. Then, let your imagination run wild! Customize your meal with a variety of proteins, fresh fruits & veggies, and an array of sides. Create a breakfast that’s uniquely yours and perfectly tailored to your taste buds.

At Cat & Cow, we’re not just serving food; we’re creating experiences. Explore our menu and find your next culinary adventure!


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